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I am Assistant Professor (with tenure) in Security and Conflict in the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. My research focuses on civilian agency and civilian protection in communal conflicts and civil wars; local peacebuilding and social resilience; and the gender dimensions of peacebuilding. I have conducted extensive field research on these issues in Indonesia and Nigeria, and more recently in Kenya, South Sudan, and Myanmar.

My book, RESILIENT COMMUNITIES: Non-Violence and Civilian Agency in Communal War, has been published with Cambridge University Press in October 2018. It offers a typology of communal conflicts and develops the concept of communal war. The book focuses on civilian agency and mobilization ‘from below’ and explains violence and non-violence in communal wars. Drawing on extensive field research on ethno-religious conflicts in Ambon/Maluku Province in eastern Indonesia and Jos/Plateau State in central Nigeria, my book analyses how civilians responded to local conflict dynamics very differently, evading, supporting, or collectively resisting armed groups. My comparison of vulnerable mixed communities and (un)successful prevention efforts demonstrates how under courageous leadership resilient communities can emerge that adapt to changing conflict zones and collectively prevent killings.
My book has been shortlisted for the Conflict Research Society’s Book of the Year Award. Read Book Excerpt

My most recent article, Gender Dimensions of (Non)Violence in Communal Conflict: The Case of Jos, Nigeria, shows how gender relations and distinct notions of masculinity can facilitate or constrain mobilization for fighting. I also show how former ‘perpetrators’ turned into ‘peacemakers’ and supported the prevention of renewed clashes in Jos. My recently published co-authored article, Women’s Participation in Peace Negotiations and the Durability of Peace, finds that women’s participation in peace negotiations with voice and influence leads to better peace accord content, higher implementation rates, and longer lasting peace. My work has been published in African Affairs, Comparative Political StudiesInternational Feminist Journal of Politics, International Interactions, and Global Governance. My research has been supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Folke Bernadotte Academy, and the International Development Research Center.

Previously, I was a Visiting Research Fellow with the Conflict, Security and Development Group (CSDRG)  in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London (2013-2016), funded by a fellowship for early career researchers from the Swiss National Science Foundation. I was also Lead Researcher and Co-Investigator of a research project on gender, conflict and peacebuilding at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva (2014-2016). I completed my PhD in International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute in 2013 and was then Research Fellow at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA). In 2011, I was a Pre-Doctoral Visiting Research Fellow at the Program on Order, Conflict and Violence (OCV) at Yale University.

You can contact me at: j.krause(at)uva.nl

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