The Programme on Gender and Global Change (PGGC) at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva is looking to fill the position of Research Assistant (50%) for its project “Gender Dimensions of Social Conflict, Armed Violence and Peacebuilding”. For more information click here.

Project Funding: 3 years

The Swiss Progamme for Research on Global Issues for Development has approved a multi-year research grant for the research project Gender Dimensions of Social Conflict, Armed Violence and Peacebuilding that I co-lead with Prof. Elisabeth Prügl at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Within this North-South-South research collaboration we partner with researchers in Indonesia and Nigeria as well as international and civil society organizations in West Africa and Southeast Asia. Initial funding has been granted for the first three years and would be extended for a second three-year term upon successful mid-term evaluation of the research project.

Background to the project: Quantitative research has demonstrated a strong correlation between levels of gender inequality and violent conflict, suggesting that women’s subordination and vulnerability is a significant predictor of armed violence. This project takes the proposed correlation to the micro-level, investigating what mechanisms link gender relations and dynamics of violence.  Over the next three years, a multi-national research team will examine statistical materials, comb newspaper articles, and conduct interviews in Indonesian and Nigerian conflict zones that have experienced various types of armed conflict, comparing violent and nonviolent communities. We aim to provide empirical evidence on micro-level gender dimensions of conflict and peacebuilding that informs policy makers on gender-sensitive peacebuilding efforts.

The Nigerian National Working Group on Armed Violence and Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) have published a report that maps civil society activities aiming to prevent and reduce armed violence. The report provides an important overview about “who does what” by region and state and facilitates civil society collaboration on peacebuilding initiatives.