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Work in Progress

  • From gang fight to ‘religious’ war: Militia formation in Indonesia’s Maluku conflict. (Working Paper).
  • Gender and Peacebuilding in Jos, Nigeria. (Working Paper).
  • Women’s Participation in Peace Negotiations and the Durability of Peace. (Working Paper).
  • Protective Civilian Agency and Implications for Civilian Protection. (Working Paper).
  • The Ethics, Rewards and Limitations of Ethnography in Conflict Zones. (In preparation for a special issue in Comparative Political Studies on the ethics of methods in conflict studies).


Resilient Communities in Communal War. Cambridge University Press. 2018.

Articles and Book Chapters

Non-Violence and Civilian Agency in Communal War: Evidence from Jos, Nigeria African Affairs, (2017) 116 (463): 261-283.

A Wealth of Expertise and Lived Experience: Conversations between International Women Peace Activists at the ‘Women Lead to Peace Summit’ preceding the Geneva II Peace Talks on Syria, January 2014. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 17:2, 2015  (with Cynthia Enloe).

Revisiting Protection from Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: Actors, Victims, and Power. In: Gizelis, T-I. and L. Olsson (eds): Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325. Routledge 2015.

Gender Equality and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Revisiting Gender Mainstreaming in Research and Policy. In: Gizelis, T-I. and L. Olsson (eds): Gender, Peace and Security: Implementing UNSCR 1325. Routledge 2015 (with Theodora-Ismene Gizelis).

Assessing Policy Responses to the Resource Curse: Can Civil Society live up to the Expectation? Global Governance 17:2, 2011 (with Gilles Carbonnier and Fritz Brugger).

Democratic Governance. In: Vincent Chetail (ed), Post-Conflict Peacebuilding. A Lexicon. Oxford University Press (with Rama Mani). 2009.

Other Publications

Resilient Communities: Explaining Non-Violence during Ethno-Religious Conflict in Indonesia (Ambon) and Nigeria (Jos). PhD Thesis. Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. February 2013.

A Deadly Cycle: Ethno-Religious Conflict in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Geneva: Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development/Small Arms Survey. 2011.

Jos: Guarding Peace in the Midst of Ethno-Religious Violence. Comunidad Segura Magazine Number 8, October 2011

Explaining Nigeria’s 2010 Christmas Killings. OpenDemocracy. 03.01.2011.

Resource Wealth, Autonomy, and Peace in Aceh: Managing the Economic Dimensions of Conflict in Peace Processes. CCDP Working Paper No. 3, 2009 (with Achim Wennmann).