Speaker Series


2017-2018 Schedule, University of Amsterdam

(co-organized with Ursula Daxecker and Abbey Steele)

4 June 2018

Laura Shepherd (UNSW Sydney)

Chair: Jana Krause

28 May 2018

Elisabeth Wood  (Yale University)

Chair: Jana Krause

18 April 2018

Steven Wilkinson (Yale University)

Chair: Seiki Tanaka

16 March 2018

Adam Lichtenheld (UC Berkeley)

Chair: Abbey Steele

12 December 2017, 15.30-17.00 REC A2.09

Mats Berdal (King’s College London)

International Statebuilding in Afghanistan, 2001-2014 – Lessons and Insights from the Norwegian Inquiry on Afghanistan

Chair: Jana Krause

14 November 2017, 12.00h, REC A1.06

Jake Shapiro (Princeton University)

Small Wars, Big Data: The Information Revolution in Modern Conflict

Chair: Abbey Steele

21 September 2017, 12-13.30h

Ezequiel Gonzalez Ocantos (University of Oxford)

Shifting Legal Visions: Judicial Change and Human Rights Trials in Latin America. Cambridge University Press. 2016. 

Chair: Ursula Daxecker